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Newly elected DNC chair pledges ’50 state’ strategy
Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison on Thursday was formally elected by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as the party’s new chairman.
Clothing sales were hit hardest, with the sector seeing a 25% drop in sales last year.
Government borrowing hit £34.1bn last month, as the cost of pandemic support measures weighed on the economy.
The country agreed to buy $200bn worth of US goods in a trade agreement signed one year ago.
Parent company Alphabet is scrapping Loon, a project set up to beam the internet to rural areas.
The tech giant says it will remove its main search function from Australia if it passes a new law.
Its boss apologises after customers were left to wait an average of 20 minutes for calls to be answered.
UK retailers may abandon goods EU customers want to return because it is cheaper than bringing them home.