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Elon Musk's Starlink to help strengthen internet in remote UK places
World’s richest man’s company is involved in a trial to get isolated areas of the UK connected to the internet.
The US Treasury freezes the assets of three North Korean officials following last month's missile tests.
The rapper has repeatedly made anti-Semitic remarks, alienating business partners and fans.
Research for the BBC shows the cost of Christmas dinner staples has risen to more than £30.
A presidential adviser says the oil giant is could still receive profits from its stake in Russia's Rosneft.
The UK government is on course to miss its target for signing deals, as exporter numbers fall.
Remittances sent to low and middle-income countries have grown by 5% this year, says the World Bank.
Next says it will keep about 100 Joules stores open, but 19 will be closed.