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Trump suggests George Floyd is happy about US jobs numbers: 'Hopefully he's looking down'
Donald Trump has suggested George Floyd will be pleased about US job numbers, saying the man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck "is hopefully looking down, saying this is a great thing".
Airline owner IAG is meeting lawyers to decide whether to challenge government over quarantine plans.
The unemployment rate in America fell to 13.3% in May, despite pandemic damage to the economy.
The lingerie retailer had already furloughed 785 of its employees in the UK amid the pandemic.
More than £16bn has been handed out to some household names including BA, Tottenham Hotspur and M&S.
The boss of the UK's largest recruitment firm says he fears unemployment is set to rise steeply.
Charges which lead to savers switching out of high quality pension plans will be banned from October.
People from rural areas say broadband is so poor they are having to work outside to get 4G.