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Fewer swimming spots are rated "excellent" and more rated "poor" by the environment watchdog.
The US unveils rules aimed at keeping Chinese components out of electric cars sold in the country.
The rules initially blocked me from seeing an out-of-state therapist through telehealth. But depression is depression, whether you live in Texas or California, Alaska or Hawaii.
Chinese-owned app welcomes the ruling against "unconstitutional law" due to come into effect in January.
Rising temperatures are putting the health of endangered mountain gorillas at risk.
The app that gives women a place to speak out about about sexual harassment and other #MeToo issues.
The company says accounts posted about divisive issues ahead of the 2024 presidential election.
Researchers say cyber-criminals are offering big sums for hotels' log-in details to target holidaymakers.
Tesla is due to host an event promoting the first deliveries of its new "cybertruck".
Companies commit to working with the government to tackle online scams, fake adverts and romance fraud.
COP28 president Sultan al-Jaber pulled off an unexpected victory securing long-awaited climate disaster help.
The UK will take a closer look at the sale of the Telegraph and Spectator titles to Gulf investors.
Microsoft's president says the sacking of OpenAI boss Sam Altman was not because of AI safety worries.
The famous bootmaker says its business has been hit by weak trade in the US.
The next-generation vehicle conducts a hot-fire test on its launch pad in French Guiana.
Atheist Adventures offers non-believers in Los Angeles and beyond the opportunity to experience wonder and awe in the most inspiring places in the West.
In a profanity-laced outburst, the billionaire accuses firms of trying to blackmail him with ad dollars.
Supermarkets and other retailers are increasing switching to AI-powered digital price displays.
They arrived like rock stars 12 years ago and their love life was the source of endless speculation.
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