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This was a surprise to nobody.
Nina Dobrev of 'The Vampire Diaries' takes selfies in a hospital gown as she recovers from e-bike injuries and says her first time on an e-bike was her last.
From the bustling city of Baltimore to the serene Assateague Island, discover the diverse attractions that make Maryland a must-visit state.
Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar wants to surpass the anatomical atlas created by a fervent supporter of the Nazi regime whose work was fueled by the dead bodies of its victims.
A Missouri museum achieved a Guinness World Record title for the largest gathering of people wearing underwear on their heads for a minute — with over 350 people participating.
In ERs now, you'll get a tech-driven evaluation. But trading doctors' humanity and deductive powers for AI and apps has a high cost — dumbed-down medicine.
When visiting a theme park, carrying a heavy backpack in the hot summer sun can quickly cause exhaustion. To avoid this, follow this guide of essentials to bring with you.
Today, as more workers are remote, some are slipping in "hush vacations" during work days without officially taking paid time off. Here's what to know about the trend, with expert input.
California's Medicaid program is testing a novel approach for people addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine and other stimulants: For every clean urine test, they can earn money — up to $599 a year.
The legislation called for creating three new government entities to regulate psychedelic-assisted therapy
This past winter, the mortality rate for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 was 35% higher than for patients hospitalized with the flu.
U.S. deaths due to drug overdoses fell last year, the first decrease in five years, according to new estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Kelly Clarkson gets candid about her weight loss, revealing she's on a medication that 'aids and breaks down the sugar' in her body — and it's not Ozempic.
"Top Thrill 2," the newly opened replacement for Cedar Point's "Top Thrill Dragster" roller coaster, has gone down for an "extended closure" just days after opening.
Want to live longer? Longevity is surprisingly different for women and men. Here are some easy tips to get started.
Newsom is set to announce that the state will make $3.3 billion in funding available by July to begin building mental health treatment centers.
John Wayne: An American Experience opened in December 2020 in Fort Worth, Texas. It celebrates the life, career and patriotism of legendary film star.
Zinc products promising cold relief have been on the market for decades. A new analysis finds research on their efficacy to be inconclusive.
A Scottish actress paid roughly $900 to take her dog on a month-long vacation to Italy. Catherine Sophie, an actress, said it was something she always wanted to do.
Fake versions of Botox have popped up in California, raising alarm among officials who warn that counterfeit product can lead to slurred speech and breathing issues.
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