Travel around the Thanksgiving holiday is very popular. Some families even travel with food to bring to loved ones, especially in areas where cost of groceries are higher.
Oktoberfest welcomes millions of people from around the world each year. Celebrate Oktoberfest with these fun facts all about the world's largest beer festival in Munich, Germany.
The Federal Aviation Administration said nearly 5,000 pilots are under investigation for allegedly falsifying their medical records to conceal medical issues.
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Sleeping under the stars and cooking over an open fire doesn't always appeal to everyone. Here are ways to add an extra level of fun to camping.
A man asked if he was in the wrong to ask a fellow airline passenger to switch seats with him so he could sit by his wife. The man said he wanted to slap the passenger.
An IT outage caused by work on a rail line forced Lufthansa Airlines to cancel and delay hundreds of flights Tuesday, stranding thousands of passengers.